The Top 5 AI Tools for History Teachers: A Comparison Guide

Embrace the Future of Education: How AI Tools Are Transforming History Lessons for Teachers and Students.

Sophie Theodorou
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An introduction to AI tools for History teachers

As an educator, you understand the importance of engaging students and facilitating active learning. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are emerging technologies that can help achieve these goals in new and exciting ways. With the AI tools now available, history teachers have more opportunities than ever before to take students on a journey into the past. 

By leveraging these technologies, you can build interactive and personalized lessons that inspire students to explore history in new ways. The future of education is here - will you join in?

Number 1: Humy

If you're searching for an AI-powered tool to captivate your history students, Humy deserves the spotlight. As the brains behind the Hello History app, Humy now provides a tailored web platform designed exclusively for educators. This platform empowers teachers to craft personalized interactive chatbots, seamlessly resurrecting historical figures through authentic and natural conversations.

How It Works: 

The platform facilitates open-ended discussions between students and AI-generated versions of renowned historical personalities. Through extensive analysis of historical documents, speeches, and writings, the AI replicates the unique voices, personalities, and viewpoints of these figures, creating an immersive experience for students.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Dialog: Students engage in lifelike conversations with historical figures for an immersive learning experience.
  • Customizable Features: Educators have full control over the included time periods, events, and figures, with real-time monitoring and access to engagement data.
  • Value for Educators: Designed by teachers, Hello History fosters student interest, offering educators actionable insights for stronger instruction and lesson planning.
  • Adoption by Schools: Widely adopted by numerous schools, it's hailed as the number 1 tool for history teachers.

Number 2: GotFeedback

GotFeedback is an AI-powered platform tailored for educators, enabling the creation of interactive teaching materials and assessments.

How It Works: 

Educators can upload historical content like timelines, maps, and documents for students to annotate and discuss. The platform tracks student engagement, providing analytics for understanding how students interact with the materials. GotFeedback allows for the creation of guided questions to prompt students in analyzing historical evidence.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Engagement: Students can annotate, ask questions, and engage with historical materials.
  • Open-ended Discussions: Encourages critical thinking with open-ended questions for discussion.
  • Assessment Variety: Offers multiple question types (multiple choice, short answer, essays) for formative and summative assessments.
  • Automated Grading: Grades and provides feedback on selected response types, saving time for educators.

Number 3: Quizalize’s ChatGPT Integration

Quizalize is an AI-based educational tool that provides interactive quizzing for students. This allows teachers to create open-ended questions with multiple possible answers, and ChatGPT will evaluate student responses to determine if they are correct.

How It Works: 

ChatGPT evaluates students' responses to open-ended historical questions, providing automated feedback on accuracy and improvements. Teachers can ask complex historical questions, and ChatGPT assesses and guides students on their answers.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Learning: Allows for complex, open-ended historical questions for students.
  • Teacher Support: Provides consistent and unbiased feedback for student responses.
  • Focus on Higher-Level Skills: Frees teachers to focus on higher-level skills such as analytical thinking and class discussions.

Number 4: ClassPoint AI

ClassPoint AI is an artificial intelligence-based tool designed specifically teachers. It provides an easy way to create interactive lessons, activities and assessments.

How It Works: 

Offers an extensive library of historical resources, customizable lesson templates, and an automatic quiz generator. Additionally, it provides plagiarism detection, analytics dashboards, and accessibility features.

Key Features:

  • Automated Quizzes: Generates multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions based on lesson materials.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Checks student essays for copied content.
  • Analytics and Accessibility: Provides insights into student progress and various accessibility features.

Number 5: Education CoPilot

Education CoPilot is an AI-driven platform designed to support educators by providing AI-powered lesson planning, material creation, and personalized learning experiences for students.

How It Works: 

The platform operates by allowing educators to select the type of material needed, such as lesson plans or handouts, and inputting key details like subject and topic. It leverages AI to generate customizable lesson plans and structured templates for various educational needs 

Key Features:

  • AI Lesson Planning: Offers AI-powered lesson planning capabilities that assist in creating customized and structured educational content.
  • Material Creation: Provides educators with tools to generate various teaching materials, including handouts and worksheets.
  • Personalized Learning: Enables personalized learning experiences for students by tailoring educational content to individual needs.

Schools that are already using Humy

Humy is currently used in 150+ schools across North America and Europe. Here are a few examples of schools already using Humy to bring AI into their history classrooms:

  • Menlo School
  • Dukes Aldridge Academy
  • Aarhus International School 
  • South Christian High School
  • The Pennsbury School District
  • Killeen Adventist Junior Academy
  • College of Staten Island High School
  • Northern Burlington County Regional High School
  • And many more!


As an educator, you strive to engage your students and bring history to life in new ways. AI-powered education tools are on the cutting edge and can supplement your lessons with interactive content to capture students' imagination. While still an emerging field, these innovative technologies show great promise to enhance learning. 

With a variety of options now available, you can find an AI solution tailored to your needs and teaching style. By embracing these advanced tools, you open up opportunities to share history in more vivid and memorable ways. Your students will surely appreciate your efforts in making their learning experience more interactive, immersive and fun. The future of education is here - will you be among the first to lead the way?

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